Contemplating Chickens… Again

We had chickens for a couple of years before the tornado took the flock for a spin.  Life without chickens has been easy. Organic free range chicken feed, and organic free range chicken eggs cost about the same, but we have a chicken shaped hole in our hearts. Odd as it sounds, the hole is growing.


With Spring fast approaching we contemplate the purchase of a few, no more than six, hens. Our past adventure taught us a few things:

  • Sexed chicks are worth the extra few dollars.
  • Roosters are 99% useless.
  • Breed matters.
  • Snakes love chicks and broody hens.
  • All Hens are contributing members of the family (friends not food).

The first order of business is housing the birds. The weather transported the last coop to Oz, so we must build from scratch. The ladies need nighttime accommodations and daytime protection from our three practically useless but entertaining dogs. An elevated night coop will keep the girls safer from snakes than a bottomless building. A rolling chicken tractor is ideal for spreading the wealth of chicken poop (excellent and instant fertilizer) around while keeping dog teeth safely out of reach. When one section of yard is properly aerated and fertilized we move the tractor to another section of yard. We have two simple schematics.


I’m not sure how this Chicken Adventure (take 2) is going to go, but we’ll keep you posted.





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