Garden Prep 2016

The weather here is not predictable. In recent years, even less so. Yet the spring awakening, whether celebrated as Groundhog’s Day, Imbolc, Saint Brigid Day, or as The Feast of Presentation – is unchanging.


Once spring has awakened, seed catalogs sprout like weeds in the mailbox and this year is no exception. Baker Creek Heirloom has the most beautiful catalog. The full color glossy spreads are porn for the avid gardener, and the website is only slightly less satisfying. Drooling over the stories of seeds and photos of produce I yearn for an unlimited seed budget.  This year, however, we are trying a new approach.

The dirty dozen (most chemically saturated) fruits and vegetables include some of our favorites.  We love strawberries, celery, cherry tomatoes and spinach. In the past we have tried to grow a diverse garden of all kinds of exciting and unique produce but this year we are plotting these four favorites and nothing else.


We’ve ordered the plants by most sandy to least sandy soil needs. We have a 16ft x 4ft raised bed with southern exposure. After adding sand and manure to the plot, we mix well, then plant four, 4×4 plots using the intensive, square foot gardening method.

I’m not sure how this year’s Gardening Adventure is going to go, but we’ll keep you posted.


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