Venison Chili

We are blessed with great neighbors. They are generous, kind, and most importantly – they value privacy as much as we do.


Earlier this winter we spoke with our neighbors for a couple of hours regarding general wood stove installation and heat saving usage tips. They are new to wood heating and eagerly sought any and all advice. They paid us back for the money and time saved with a portion of venison. It has been sitting in the freezer, waiting until I devised the right recipe.The other day chili seemed an appropriate choice.

My husband and I often cook together so I asked if he wanted to help. He obliged, thrilled to put his new tool to the test. Last fall, we bought a well crafted, antique meat grinder at an estate stale for $10, but had yet to use it.



We ground the meat and made the most mouth-watering, and easiest batch of Venison chili to date. You can find the recipe with our collection of favorites in our online recipe box.

We served the chili with shredded cheese and thick sliced, whole-wheat, homemade bread from cultivated wild yeast. I’m gluten sensitive and therefore abstain, but everyone who ate it said it was a perfect complement. Our yeast cultivation is a work in progress. This bread was from our second batch. So far so good. We’re not sure how the third batch is going to go. We thought we might have smelled a whiff of fermentation last time we fed the starter. Either way, we’ll keep you posted.


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