Confession/Affirmation Time

Part of the reason I opened this blog (and closed the old one) was because I am moving into some new phase of life. I’m a HUGE fan of color and design and have always loved the shiny bright colors of each new season. Recently, however, I am not impressed by the brilliant hues, and patterns of my favorite bohemian rainbows. Instead, find peace with the less is more mentality.

This blog is an expression of the decluttering going on in my real life.

It’s weird. I can’t claim the ‘Minimalist’ title, or the Zen practice, and that’s ok. I don’t really want a title or label – which is new (and a little unsettling) too. I feel like I’m committing some kind of heresy against myself – like I am un/becoming me? Not to worry though, old habits die-hard…

In search of what to call the emerging simple aspect of me I consulted the online, guru, Pinterest (which was my favorite digital hording site for years). There, I found Acadia’s Fostering Simplicity blog and her “simple living” mentality. Her post about simplifying from the outside in mirrors the journey I’m on, so far anyway. I don’t lay claim to her identifiers but I resonate with her expressions, and that’s nice.

If you’re in flux maybe these ideas can help you too.


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