Minimalist Gift Guide in 5 Easy Sections

If you have a minimalist on your list this is the gift guide for you.  The last-minute ideas that may work for one friend will find their way to the donation box in the minimalist household.

So here is the big secret: consumables. Easy as it sounds, it is the best way to make your minimalist happy and show that you care! I’ve divided some consumable options into five basic sections. Scroll on – to see which section is right for your minimalist.


  1. Foods. Nutritious, or not-so-nutritious but delicious food is a great way to show your affection for a minimalist. Take a trip to the local grocery store, farmer’s market for you southerners, or health food store. Look for items with simple and aesthetically pleasing  packaging. If you know they eat something everyday you can buy a bulk container of that item.Are they always nibbling on granola? Enjoying morning oatmeal? Eating fish and rice? Munching on dried berries? Sneaking chocolate covered fruit? Crunching on shelled walnuts? Nibbling fancy cheese rounds? Rule of thumb for any minimalist gift is to Keep It Simple and you’ll be doing it right.
  2. Beverages. Everything stated in the food section goes double for beverages, but here you have to adopt a little of their minimalist mindset. If your minimalist is a coffee, tea, or bourbon drinker, then they would love a variety pack of beans, leaves, or bottles. However, beverages are often sold with accoutrement. Your minimalist does not want the fluff – they are after the goods. Deliver a simply wrapped package of their beverage of choice and you have a winner.
  3. Soaps and Lotions. Everybody needs to get clean, and in the harsh winter months a little extra moisturizer keeps skin smooth and soft. If you know your minimalist well enough to have seen inside their bathroom you know what kinds of soaps and lotions they use, or maybe you are unsure because they transfer the soaps into those wall mounted dispensers behind the crisp white shower curtain. Either way, if you saw the bathroom, soaps and lotions are acceptable gifts. When you make your purchase pay attention to the packaging. Your minimalist is all about purposeful living. What is the purpose of that cling wrapped set with all the easter-grass looking ribbon squished between the bottles on the styrofoam stand to make the bottles look like they are different sizes, inside the useless colorful three-sided cardboard box?  Skip the fluff of the ready-made Christmas gift and go to the other side of the store. Pick a few items that match your minimalist’s style. If you saw their bathroom you know what they like even if all the labels were hidden. Was the bathroom fragrance and dye-free? Did is smell like rainbows, or a zesty mountain man? Follow your nose to the right scent for your minimalist.
  4. Experience.  Movie tickets, hockey tickets, opera tickets, zoo tickets, museum tickets, train tickets, and concert tickets are all ways you can buy an experience. Buy two tickets and take them, or let them take someone else on an adventure. If you are unsure of what kind of event they would like to go to – take a guess. I’ve never seen or met a minimalist who never tried anything new.
  5. Digital Items. Digital books, music, e-courses, video games, and digital gift cards (Starbucks anyone?) are all acceptable way to show you care. Your minimalist friend is not into collecting stuff. They are anti-stuff, and a digital gift shows that you understand their anti-stuff vibe.

Here ends the quick and clean minimalist gift list. If you have other gift ideas share them in the comments! We love to hear from you. Until next time – Enjoy the holiday season and indulge in some simple heresy.


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