We’re glutton for punishment: Spring Chicks at a Farm Store near you.

This time last year we were contemplating chickens. Now, we’re doing it again. We have nine ladies at this time, and too many eggs for our family.  That we’re contemplating more is a sure sign of chicken fever.

If (and that’s a big if) we get any chicks this year we’ll only get three; a rooster and two hens.  It would be nice to let the flock clutch on their own and sell the pullets throughout the year. We can’t do that without a rooster. Our beloved Lanchester gave his life to protect the ladies. We might be lucky and get a good rooster again! Maybe we could name him Valentine.

Photo by Elena Blokhina via Shutterstock

We still have the brooder. The tractor is already built (although it needs some improvement), and the winter run is in use. We’ve finished the heavy lifting of chicken-care on the homestead. Three babies would be a nice addition, and after four weeks they wouldn’t be babies any more.

Keeping chickens is stinky work. The kind you can’t really get out of your nose. The kind that comes back whenever you hear the word pullet. Oh, but it is worth it. The glamorous side of raising chicks is the soft sound of peeping, the warmth of the brooder light, the nuzzle of downy feathers, and the smell of fresh woodchips.

We have a v[egg]an in-house now, too. Our 16yo daughter is on the vegan train and her two main sources of protein are lentils and her homegrown chicken eggs. Plus, the mail lady volunteered to take 18 eggs a week. That keeps the pile of eggs down to a manageable mountain. Three more chicks, only two of whom can produce eggs? Seems like a fine idea.

After all, a dozen is a perfect number; especially for chickens.


3 thoughts on “We’re glutton for punishment: Spring Chicks at a Farm Store near you.

  1. I have 10 chickens and will probably be getting another 20 this spring. Chickens are definitely addicting! But the eggs are so rewarding! Good luck on increasing your flock size.
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.wordpress.com

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  2. Thanks TripleJanes. This is the first flock from that we’ve raised each hen from day old chicks. We had a motley crew of misfits -some from eggs, some rescues, some hand-me-downs years ago but lost them to a tornado. Very sad. So glad to be back in the chicken swing of things!


  3. I lost a hen and a rooster two weeks ago (that’s foxes for you) so had only two hens left. It took me a whole day to get a new man for them and this week two more hens arrive. There are only two of us eating the eggs, but don’t you just love having the birds clucking around?


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