Minimalism and Homesteading

Homesteading requires a lot of tools. When we started, it also required a lot of books. Now, however, the internet is flush with useful (and other not-so-useful) homesteading information. Still, we keep a truncated homesteading library. After our tornado scare and in the midst of our love affair with minimalism we find ourselves asking: Are homesteading and minimalism ideals complimentary?

Our small homesteading library.

Homesteading, to a great extent, requires the homesteaders face whatever challenges arise without running to the store to buy something new. Homesteading asks that we make do with what we have while still improving our lot in life. Minimalist Homesteading is a double-edged sword. On the one hand we have a myriad of “we might need it someday” and “just in case” tools like our depression-era and dust-bowl-era forefathers. Yet, on the other hand, we refrain from storing a million components, scraps, lids for long-gone canning jars, or kitten and puppy nipples for stray animals we might rescue at some point in the future.

One secret to a successful minimalist homestead lies in the definition of minimalism. The point of minimalism is not simply the removal of clutter, although that is a step. Instead, minimalism is about rediscovering joy hidden by consumerist stuff, and homesteading is about rediscovering joy in simplicity. Instead of focusing our attention on the latest fashions, or the newest hobbies, or the coolest bobble-heads, we focus on providing for our family, here at home. That idea is the marriage of homesteading and minimalism. So it turns out, yes, these ideals are commensurable, at least here, in our neck of the woods.


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